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Personality profile templates allow you to define your own set of core- competencies, skills and traits that you want to see in prospective candidates and existing talents.

PLUS Package provides you unlimited templates, unlimited digital give-aways, white labeling, and our unique Valued-Partner-Insurance* against wrong hiring decisions and more.

Digital Giveaways are digital vouchers to show your appreciation for unselected candidates to enhance employer branding beyond your hiring cycle. See more HERE

Concierge Service provides access to further support with developing your campaigns from one of our expert team members.


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Packages & pricing

that fit your needs

What we analyse for you:

Professional Profile

    • General professional MATCH Score

    • Education & training

    • Language skills

    • Job & industry experience

    • Leadership & management experience

Personality Profile (individual & team)

    • General personality MATCH Score

    • 9 Core competencies

    • 40 Job-specific competencies & traits

    • Performance potential

    • Growth potential



The choice is yours.

You can analyse qualificationskillspersonality, and potential for your new hires, talent development and coaching.

You may use our smart Applicant Portal or you can simply invite your participants directly for an assessment.

Total flexibility:
You can pay per use when you need it.

Or you chose a convenient monthly subscription, or you pay annually and receive one month free as a discount.

No Limits, Less Risks


We don’t belive in limits. And we believe that you should be protected.

You can analyse as many participants as you like for your targeted hiring campaign or 360° team assessment.

So, what this means for you is: no matter if 10, 50 or 100 candidates apply, or if you want to analyse your teams (big or small) – you can evaluate all of them at one price.

The PLUS package offers even more: unlimited templates and our unique insurance against wrong hiring decisions*.

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What is always included?

  • 360° Best Fit-analytics (qualifications, experience & personality)
  • User-defined job profiles (35+ personality traits)
  • Pre-defined personality profiles
  • Applicant Portal “Talent LINK”
  • Interview preparation
  • Blind auditions and anonymous results
  • References and self-assessment
  • GDPR- / EEOC-compliant