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Faster Assessments

Save 90% time & effort, while finding the right talent

Discover Potential

Understand your Talents and develop their true potential

Be Protected

More high performers, less risk in making hiring decisions

Make the best talent decisions with fast, data-driven insights while being protected against wrong hires

Talent MATCH: Our cloud-based 360 talent assessment solution enables you to assess your candidates in a fast, accurate, decision-centric and candidate-friendly way.

Everyone makes mistakes. Unfortunately, they can be very costly in recruitment. With our PLUS package, you even get free protection against bad hiring decisions.

Talent MATCH also includes our all-in-one application portal for managing your recruitment process. It automates your candidate assessment, from personality and potential to skills and experience, in one smart, seamless process.

All insights are at your fingertips and you are no longer forced to read CVs.

Can you actually have insurance against making the wrong decisions? With us, that’s no problem. With our PLUS package, you qualify for our free “best-match warranty” programme that reimburses you for up to 50% of your recruitment costs*.

* Please inquire more details from our experts during your deo and note our respective Terms and Conditions 

Talent MATCH provides actionable insights and results that support your decision-making and strategic HR planning.

recruit, develop and retain the right talent & empower your teams

Innovation is more than just tools

You need innovative talent solutions that are made for you, that are intuitive to use and … just works – without tedious process adjustments and technical implementation.

Examiz takes you beyond skills and competencies.

Our “next generation” talent-analytics solutions find the best culture and professional fit in addition to identifying development potential.

  • Regardless of how many or how few candidates you need to assess: MATCH does it for you – quickly, intelligently, automatically and cost-effectively.
  • Select the personality traits, skills and professional tendencies your company needs to make new employees successful.
  • Our “next generation” technology analyses how well candidates fit you based on what you really need – fully automated.
  • So you can make smarter, analytics-driven hiring decisions, eliminate bias and lower your compliance risks.
  • Quickly find the right people for your business and focus on the candidates who are an excellent fit.
  • Hire more talent to help you build high-performance teams.
  • Wrong hiring decision? We will reimburse you up to 50% of your recruitment costs*.
* Please note our respective Terms and Conditions
  • Our “next generation” talent analytics toolbox gives HR professionals and recruiters the answers they need to make the right choices.
  • Advanced pattern recognition identifies talent with high-performers mindset and high potential, as well as the best personality traits.
  • The results highlight personal strengths and identify areas that would benefit from further development.

Learn more about what MATCH can do for you.

  • With Examiz you can save valuable time that you would otherwise spend preparing for interviews.
  • Our results are clearly summarised on one page each, so you have all the information you need during the interview.
  • MATCH even offers tailored interview questions based on our results for candidates.

How Examiz Match changes the way you select talent

How Examiz Match streamlines your recruitment process

How Examiz Match helps to find the best talent.