Success as a Service

Select the right Talents

Talents are in high demand.
Our next-generation people analytics tools give talent developers
and recruiters the answers they need to make the right choice.

Save Time & Effort

It is all about efficiency and getting the results you need.
Our analytics tools are designed to streamline your process, to save you time and effort.

Create Agile Organizations

Examiz helps you to match your talents to value creation clusters,
to turn your teams into powerful “value-engines”, and
to create agile high-performance organizations.

Value-Centric Agile Analytics

We help you to create agile high-performance organizations.
We don’t just answer analytics questions. We will tell you what you should be doing next.

Value-Centric Thinking

When we think of analytics…

We think of value creation


We think of growth


We think of success


Each organization and company is unique in structure, culture, market, products, and history.

When you work with us, we develop an analytical approach that fits your specific circumstances and leads to the results you’re looking for.

Our game-changing solutions and tools will create exceptional value for you.


Change how you select talents

  • MATCH is the cornerstone of Talent Selection – our next-generation people analytics toolbox. It gives HR experts and recruiters the answers they need to make the right choice.
  • MATCH PRO adds more functionalities and allows to identifying High-Performers and High-Potentials as well as finding patterns of unwanted behavior.
  • Our Scoring System allows you to directly compare candidates based on your specific job requirements while eliminating human bias.


Unleash your true potential

  • TEAMS is our people-centric business analytics toolbox that is designed to analyze everything from small teams to large organizations.
  • Our algorithms will unveil the key essence of why some teams are more successful than others, indicating if and why talents leave the organization and even if you are at risk of being sued by a disgruntled employee.
  • TEAMS also will pick up early warning signs if organizations face compliance issues to protect our clients from legal risks.


Agile Hive Analytics

  • Hive utilizes our proprietary methodology of Agile Hive Analytics (AHA). AHA is about boosting your bottom line. To let you grow. To get you to the top…and to stay there.
  • Our analytics methods and tools help our partners to create agile high-performance organizations. We don’t just answer business analytics questions. We will tell you what you should be doing next.
  • We developed a unique approach that combines human behavior analytics with decision-making modeling, value-generation simulations, and network analytics enabled through our proprietary AI.

The Difference: Value Creation

Our unique understanding of people, human behaviour and the impact talents have on the success of organizations is what sets us apart.

Our analytics tools and methods are ground-breaking:

  • improving the performance of individuals and teams

  • transforming teams into high-performance clusters

  • creating the secret wisdom that brings our partners to the top – and to make sure they stay there

 LET US change the game FOR YOU…

Examiz enables

  • making the right decisions
  • getting the most promising talents
  • building high-performance teams
  • growing exponentially
  • getting you to the top, and
  • makes sure you stay there.

Examiz works

  • based on solid data
  • derived from our unique scientific methodology, and
  • patent-pending technology.

Examiz delivers

  • pure, strong and benchmarked results
  • patterns and indicators
  • eliminating bias, and 
  • focusses on boosting your bottom-line.

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