Smart Talent Recruitment & Retention

Find and retain the best talent with the highest potential

EXAMIZ is the go-to Talent Recruitment & Retention platform for thousands of HR experts and recruiters, saving 90% of their time and costs.

Experience the full power of smart application management, cutting-edge talent assessment and smart exit & retention analytics that deliver world-class results.


More high-performers


Time saved in selecting a candidate


Less staff turnover

Incredibly powerful.

Easy to use.

Super-rich feature set that gives you an unparalleled recruiting experience, powered by next-generation BEST FIT analytics, supports blind auditions and promotes your diversity efforts.

Our cloud-based 360 talent assessment solution enables you to assess your candidates in a fast, accurate, decision-centric and candidate-friendly way.

Everyone makes mistakes. Unfortunately, they can be very costly in recruitment. With our PLUS package, you even get free protection against bad hiring decisions.

Talent MATCH also includes our all-in-one application portal for managing your recruitment process. It automates your candidate assessment, from personality and potential to skills and experience, in one smart, seamless process.

All insights are at your fingertips and you are no longer forced to read CVs.

Strategies built to work.

Learn why your top-performers really leave, lower your compliance and legal risks, and create effective retention strategies that actually work.

Do you know why your most qualified talents think about leaving and what you can do about it?
Staff turnover has become a major cost factor for every organization.

Talent PULSE analyses the true root causes why talents leave your organisation.

Talent PULSE helps you to develop tailored staff retention strategies that really work, as well as to design data-driven and effective employer branding frameworks.

You have one.

Your company has one, too.


The smart way to stay remembered, deliver a positive recruitment experience and turn candidates into ambassadors.

The current shortage of skilled personnel is a hot topic across all industries. Every company desires well-qualified and motivated talents, spurring an increasing focus on “Candidate Experience” and “Employer Branding” within recruitment.

So, why not enhance your ability to maintain a positive reputation, even beyond inherently negative moments such as rejection? For this, we have created a smart “digital giveaway” to value your applicants even when you have to say “sorry, but…”.