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During your free demo, we will guide you through the core features of Examiz Match:

Hire smarter: Find the right person based on key personality traits. Learn how to ensure you hire the best fit candidate. Our Best Match Score helps you find the best talent while increasing compliance and minimising risk.

  • More talent: Identify high performers and high potentials among your candidates and avoid “bad apples”. We also show you how to improve diversity and offer more equal opportunities.
  • Potential: Understand the powerful analytics behind our reports, compare the detailed personality profiles of all candidates and learn how to further develop your talents once hired.

With Examiz, you and your team can concentrate on what is really important.

Examiz Match is designed for recruiters, talent developers and hiring managers to find and select the right talent, improve compliance and drive data-driven decisions.  We enable HR managers and their teams to better manage their talent pipeline and save up to 90% of their time and effort assessing candidates.

  • Hire smarter: Find the best-fit talent faster.
  • More Talents:  Recruit more top performers and avoid miscasts.
  • Develop potential: Understand and unlock the true potential of your employees.

If you don’t want to wait that long: here you can see how MATCH works.