Retain Your Top-Talent

Identify why your talents leave

Discover the true and precice root causes for your staff turnover.

Effective retention strategies

Design, implement and improve staff retention strategies that actually work.

Improve compliance and lower legal risks

Protect yourself from the aftermath of unhappy separations.

  • We analyse more than a traditional exit interview would reveal. Much more actually.
  • PULSE maps over 70 different root causes in 10 main categories and PULSE knows who is leaving: an average employee or perhaps one of your absolute top-performers.
  • Our AI-powered smart exit-surveys also include peer-feedback and “swarm intelligence” to find out what the real drivers are.

Create effective retention strategies that actually work

  • Our “next generation” technology helps you to develop tailored talent retention strategies that are highly effective and perfectly fit your challenges.
  • PULSE also finds compliance issues and indicators of possible legal risks, so you can take appropriate steps and avoid unpleasant and very costly surprises.
  • Smart retention strategies are an excellent start. We help you to turn them into sustainable success, monitor their effectiveness and allow you to constantly optimize and fine-tune your measures.

Your people are absolutely essential to your business’s success. 

Regardless of the size of your organization, employee turnover is a major concern and it can have serious implications for your success.

The cost of turnover is extremely high:

The obvious costs of turnover include ad spending for newly open positions, recruitment fees, separation costs, and the extra time commitment of training new employees – but that isn’t the whole picture.

However, there’s the less visible, but equally impactful, costs. Things like missed or delayed revenue, costs for overtime of other team members to cover the additional workload, or the risk of losing long-standing customers.

And there is of course the loss in revenue and productivity: it usually takes 8-12 weeks to replace a knowledge worker, and then another month or two before the replacement gets to full productivity mode.

In this way, the actual cost of a single staff change can amount to 5 to 12 months’ salary.

“It takes a while for new employees to ramp and fully onboard into a new role and a new company. Turnover can have dual implications of opportunity cost, while that role is backfilled, [and] the cost of that ramp time for a replacement hire.”

Shirley Grill-Rachman

COO, San Francisco-based AI company Skai*

Why employees stay…

As important as it is to understand the reasons that drive employees to leave an organization, it is just as important to understand why valuable employees stay.

Studies have suggested that employees become embedded in their jobs and their communities and as they participate in their professional and community life, they develop a web of connections and relationships, both on and off the job.

Talent PULSE shows both sides: what your talent love about your organization and their team, as well as what makes them consider actually leaving.

*) Interviewed & written by Kate Heinz,  Published on Jan. 11, 2022 on

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