The Science Behind Advanced People Analytics & Recruiting

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The Science Behind Advanced Talent Analytics & Recruiting is a “must-read” for all talent managers & recruiters

Talents are the rocket fuel that let companies and organizations get to the top. Like your DNA, everyone has a unique set of personality traits, values and competencies.

With Examiz, we created a set of unmatched tools for predictive people analytics. We invented this new and very unique technology to analyze the individual personality DNA, to detect patterns of behavior and predict future performance and risks.

Examiz provides nex-generation people analytics and easy-to-use tools that give companies, consultants, HR experts and recruiters the information they need to make the right choices, hire the best candidates, identify the most promising talents, and build high-performance teams.

  • People Analytics for Next-Generation Talent Development
  • The Challenges in Talent Acquisition, Development & Management
  • Barriers to Good Talent Selection
  • The High Cost of Recruitment & Replacement
  • What Matters Most in Leadership?
  • How Examiz Works
  • The Examiz Toolbox
  • References & Studies

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