Success as a Service

Smarter hires.
More talents.
Better teams.

  • Make smarter decisions

  • Get the information you need

  • Make the right choices

  • Hire the best candidates

  • Find the most promising talents

  • Build high-performance teams

  • … while avoiding the “bad apples”

Examiz helps you to match your talents to value creation clusters and to turn your teams into powerful “value-engines”.

Why Talents Matter

“Go after the cream of the cream. A small team of A+ players can run circles around a giant team of B and C players.” – Steve Jobs


How it works

4 Simple Steps

Step 1

Create a job campaign by providing a small set of essential information.

Step 2

Define the relevant skills, personality traits, and competencies that are required for the job and the future team.

Step 3

Add your shortlisted candidates or use our talent portal.

Step 4

Review all information and activate the campaign.

That’s it – from here on Examiz takes over and approaches the people who worked with the candidates in the past and know them well.


The Examiz analytics engine will evaluate the responses, eliminates bias and flags attempted fraud or unwanted behavior.

You will receive an easy to understand report that scores all candidates against the skills you defined for the job. 


more talents


Hire more talents and high-performers

  • Perfect match: job, team & candidate.
  • X-ray your talents: discover the true personality
  • Gives HR experts the information they need.
  • No bias, no prejudices.
  • Hire up to 38% more talents and high-performers.

How much time do you spend on preparing and evaluating assessments?

    • Saves you over 90% of your time and effort.
    • Takes less than 10 minutes.
    • Comprehensive report.
    • Talent ranking.
    • AI and data-driven scoring.
    • Compare all talents at one glance.


    Saved Time & Effort


    Saved Costs of Re-Hiring


    How to find talents... and avoid the bad apples

    • No more bad hires.
    • Avoid the high replacement cost of 150%.
    • Screen out candidates who won’t fit.
    • Don’t spend time interviewing toxic people.
    • Avoid future risks to you and your organization.

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