Our online assessment centre helps you to analyse your candidates, talents and teams.

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Your Digital Assessment Center

  • Digital assessment: smart, fast, accurate, reliable and affordable.
    Find and develop the best talent
    Identify candidates with high potential
    Avoid bad hires
    Make data-driven decisions

What can our Digital Assessment Center do?

Our assessments help managers and talent experts to make better selection decisions. Without bias and tailored to the specific needs of the job and the team.

Examiz offers a unique talent analytics platform that helps you assess, select and manage people and build high-performance teams.

Make informed, analytics-driven talent decisions based on next-generation people analytics, expand your talent pool while eliminating bias and lowering your compliance risks.

Ensure you have the right people in the right roles, solve key organisational challenges, drive sustainable success and increase diversity.

Discover the unique factors that improve the performance of the entire organisation in talent acquisition.

The result is a faster hiring process and a more diverse selection of new hires with a higher probability of success.

Get up-to-date insights into 40+ personality traits and behaviour patterns, and identify recommended matches.

Minimise the risk of bad hires by filtering out mismatches. 

Optimise your structures, build high-performance teams and unleash the true potential of the people in your organisation with Examiz’s next generation analysis, planning and performance tools.

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